We build our stands in all kinds of events

Stand XL professional team is specialized in stand build, and ready to face challenges. We develop and build stand projects, decoration sets and stage designs for exhibitions, events, trade fairs, and conventions. More than ten years in the market working for top customers, our highly qualified staff is experienced in stand design and build, and capable of solving any unforeseen factor.

As stand experts, we can guarantee a fast and secure installation service. Our technical team is formed by electricians, carpenters, and engineers who provide all solutions and services for our clients in any kind of event or fair. We also accomplish the stand dismantling process taking great care, so you can use the stand in future events.

Innovative designs

Original and creative ideas.


Stands fully made in our workshops.


We build up all our modules in the spot of your choice.


We offer online and offline solutions to attract potential customers.


Extensive experience in the field designing, manufacturing and building stand and ephemeral architecture.


Our stand designs incorporate decorative elements, lighting effects, audiovisuals, and other devices.