Stand design for shopping centers adapted to your needs

Stands XL is specialized in stand design for shopping centers, generating fully optimized visual constructions for reduced area. We provide spatial design, materials, furniture, production and full construction of stands in shopping centers. Two key factors we have in mind are the particulars of each shopping area and the stand durability (if it is permanent or ephemeral). Our turnkey service includes the stand build up in the shopping center with all the design extras, electrical installations, and decoration elements.

The stand is the company image for many potential customers. Therefore, a stand must be well designed to capture all the users’ attention. Our technological solutions allows you to pre-visualize our designs the manufacture process. We provide construction, build and logistics solutions in shopping centers. We take care of all aspects necessary to customize your stand: from workshop to graphics, electrical solutions or product displays. You will have the service you wish in the place you choose.

Innovative designs

We offer riginal and creative ideas


Stands fully made in our workshops.


We offer online and offline solutions to attract potential customers.


We build up all our modules in the spot of your choice.


Extensive experience in the field designing, manufacturing and building stand and ephemeral architecture.


Our stand designs incorporate decorative elements, lighting effects, audiovisuals, and other devices.