We offer innovative stand design for fairs

We offer efficient, innovative, and customized stand design for fairs. We always use high quality materials and smart module systems, providing solutions which fully satisfy your needs. Our designers create both the bespoke stand structure and its customization. Our first step is to analyze our customers’ needs in order to know their limitations and preferences. Once this top priority is accomplished, we proceed with all the design, manufacturing and build process. After the event, our expert team carefully carry out the dismantling operation.

One of the main goals in trade fairs stand design is to create a great visual impact. We are experts in stand conceptualization and manufacturing, always offering a satisfaction guarantee for all your needs and expectations. Our experienced career in stand design and build gave us the opportunity to be acquainted with numerous trade fair venues and convention and exhibition centers. This facilitates our work greatly, as we know beforehand the limitations and advantages of these locations.

Innovative designs

We offer riginal and creative ideas


Stands fully made in our workshops.


We offer online and offline solutions to attract potential customers.


We build up all our modules in the spot of your choice.


Extensive experience in the field designing, manufacturing and building stand and ephemeral architecture.


Our stand designs incorporate decorative elements, lighting effects, audiovisuals, and other devices.



We make the creative design for your exhibition space, paying attention to every detail in order to obtain the best results. We offer any solution in decoration, audiovisuals, lighting, printing, graphics, etc.


We offer a full in-house manufacture in our workshops, which work side-by-side with the creative team, solving any need or unforeseen factor during the whole process and reducing production costs.


We coordinate the stand build-up services in the spot of your choice. Our field of operations offers national and international our services at very competitive prices.