100% customized made-to-measure stand design

We create bespoke stand designs fully adapted to the needs of each project. We also manufacture and install our stands, anyplace you chose. In our stand designs we always use different materials to offer a total customization for your company brand.

A unique, innovative design is the key to success as it captures all the public’s attention. Our team offers the latest technology and creative solutions in stand design. We elaborate 3D projects with ultimate design tools so you can pre-visualize your stand from all angles before its construction. We manufacture stands in all sizes for any type of event. We also fully customizable modular systems.

Our professional team develop all production and installation processes of scaffolding structures and stands. Also, we accomplish all the maintenance dismantlement tasks during the event. We offer all the necessary solutions for any type of event: fairs, congresses, exhibitions, shopping centers…

Innovative design

We offer original and creative ideas


Stands fully made in our workshops


We offer online and offline solutions to attract potential customers


We build up all our modules in the spot of your choice


Extensive experience in the field designing, manufacturing and building stand and ephemeral architecture


Our stand designs incorporate decorative elements, lighting effects, audiovisuals, and other devices



We make the creative design for your exhibition space, paying attention to every detail in order to obtain the best results. We offer any solution in decoration, audiovisuals, lighting, printing, graphics, etc.


We offer a full in-house manufacture in our workshops, which work side-by-side with the creative team, solving any need or unforeseen factor during the whole process and reducing production costs.


We coordinate the stand build-up services in the spot of your choice. Our field of operations offers national and international our services at very competitive prices.